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(RavelNotes and RavelNotesBasic will be available again in the App Store in 2022.)

RavelNotes is a very powerful musical instrument offering many advanced features!
Create and play music immediately without knowing how to interpret scores or how to play e.g. guitar or the piano.
Simply drag notes and chords from the toolbar into any position in the workspace,
where they can be played by simply tapping them (multitouch).
You should try this app playing in a band or as DJ !

• Real time playing!
• Intuitive design, easy to use.
• Play using the in-app 127 General Midi preset sounds, and/or:
• Play it cool redirected on up to four synthesizer apps running in de background,
e.g. Thor, iProphet, iMini, Sunrizer, Korg, Animoog, Z3TA+, Galileo… just to name a few.
• Play along with songs in Apple Music to improve your skills !
• Drag notes and chords anywhere on the workspace and play them (multitouch).
• Combine notes and chords into new custom chords and vice versa.
• Make multitimbral custom chords with notes simultaneously playing on different
synthesizers and/or internal sounds.
• Save your workspaces in the in-app database.
• Copy, Cut and Paste notes and chords.
• Several types of keyboard templates available.
• Share your workspaces with others by email!
• Works off-line. No internet connection or cloud needed. Useful on remote locations.
• Extensive built-in illustrated help file.


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