I regret this, but I have removed my apps RavelNotes and RaveNotesBasic
from the Apple App Store because:

  1.  There was not enough interest in my apps to sustain it any longer. There is not enough revenue to sustain it.. Each year, my Apple Developer License costs me ca. 100 €. This is more than the revenue of the few copies of RavelNotes that were sold each year. Apple takes 30% of everything sold in their App Store so that makes it even less. Making all my apps free isn’t a solution either, because I would still have to pay 100 € yearly for my developer license, which I have cancelled for the time being, but who knows, I might return in the near future.

  2. Because Apple drops support for older devices in general a bit too soon,  App developers need to buy newer devices frequently. This is a problem for small indie developers like me. My modest budget doesn’t allow that.

  3. If the Apple Developer License was free, I might have kept my apps available in the App Store, however this is not the case.

If some other developer(s) would like to continue with my apps: Please note that I might sell the complete source code for this app RavelNotes and RavelNotesBasic. If you are interested please contact me.

Nearly all the source code is written in Swift using Object Oriented Programming (OOP) principles, thus based on reference types (classes) and there are almost no structures (structs)  Everything is based on IOKit. SwiftUI was not available when I wrote the apps. (Even with new development I wouldn’t use SwiftUI either because it is based on structs (value types), not on classes.)

IMG_0673    IMG_0676

IMG_0700    IMG_0652

RavelNotes is a very powerful musical instrument offering many advanced features!
Create and play music immediately without knowing how to interpret scores or how to play e.g. guitar or the piano.
Simply drag notes and chords from the toolbar into any position in the workspace,
where they can be played by simply tapping them (multitouch).
You should try this app playing in a band or as DJ !

• Real time playing!
• Intuitive design, easy to use.
• Play using the in-app 127 General Midi preset sounds, and/or:
• Play it cool redirected on up to four synthesizer apps running in de background,
e.g. Thor, iProphet, iMini, Sunrizer, Korg, Animoog, Z3TA+, Galileo… just to name a few.
• Play along with songs in Apple Music to improve your skills !
• Drag notes and chords anywhere on the workspace and play them (multitouch).
• Combine notes and chords into new custom chords and vice versa.
• Make multitimbral custom chords with notes simultaneously playing on different
synthesizers and/or internal sounds.
• Save your workspaces in the in-app database.
• Copy, Cut and Paste notes and chords.
• Several types of keyboard templates available.
• Share your workspaces with others by email!
• Works off-line. No internet connection or cloud needed. Useful on remote locations.
• Extensive built-in illustrated help file.

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